Excellently trained physicians and health professionals of Turkey are proud to share their expertise with their colleagues in the developing countries and thus participate their healthcare system improvement programs. It’s among our major priorities to contribute to the global health. Medical training is offered in English by most of the medical higher education facilities. English is widely applied across health service provision. In addition, health facilities or intermediary organizations may arrange interpretation services for the patients in desire to communicate in their native language.

Hospital accommodation 5 A great number of health facilities in Turkey own ISO 9001 certificate, JCI accreditation, etc. for their clinical services and they also offer 5-star hotel comfort for their international guests. Integrated Health Campuses are the new generation health facilities operated by public and private partnership model under the supervision of Ministry of Health of Turkey. These sustainable and environment friendly facilities have seismic isolation and smart operation systems and they offer an unparalleled experience beyond the European standards. Ankara Bilkent City Hospital, one of these facilities, is the largest health facility in Europe. It has a bed capacity of 3,660 including 44 suite, 22 grand and 8 king suite rooms. Moreover, Bilkent City Hospital operates a clinic hotel with 100 beds. Mersin City Hospital on the other hand serves patients with 1,294 beds out of which 3 are VIP and 21 are suite rooms. Thus, international patients receive expert treatments combined with excellent comfort.