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You can get reduced as %70 in your treatments via GOP Medical Services.

You can get your treatment at the hospitals where have the most modern services at Europe with the most specialist doctors with also at affordable prices.

Private Gaziosmanpasa Hospital started to provide service in the year of 1992 on a 24 hours basis through specialist doctors as the first health institution with private beds. It has pioneered innovative implementations without making concessions from its reliability and has always been appreciated in terms of its service understanding.

It has been rendering service in the light of its quality service understanding at its new hospital building founded on 60.000 m2 indoor area with its earthquake-resistant smart building technology, 12 operating rooms, 350 bed capacity, a conference capable of room accommodating 150 persons, a central automation system, patient transport system and its guest houses intended for patients’ relatives arriving outside the city. It now experiences the pride and pleasure of providing opportunities for offering health services to about 4 millions of people; performing more than 60.000 operations and giving birth to over 22.000 babies.

The hospital standardized its quality health service by means of obtaining ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System in 2007. In 2009, on the other hand, it received the title of Class A Hospital as a result of the evaluations made within the scope of Service Quality Standards in Health Industry established by the Ministry of Health and it maintains this title thanks to the assessments made on a yearly basis. As from March 2013, it has sharply been carrying on its studies for the sake of JOINT COMMISSION INTERNATIONAL (JCI) accreditation which is the most accepted and recognized evaluation method at the international scale.

Summary of the treatment process passing with medical assistant in Turkey is listed below :

  • The informative brochure about a cellphone you can use in Turkey, hotel where you stay and the area is given.
  • You will be escorted on airport and hotel transfers.
  • Your appointments with the physician you preferred are arranged.
  • You will be escorted on hospital and clinical registrations.
  • Your conversancy and dialogue with the medical team who will treat you is provided.
  • The companion service is offered if you want.
  • Several activites and cultural tours are organized before or after treatment if you want.
  • Your transportation to airport after treatment is provided.

How Can We Help You ?


We inform you about treatment process free of charge. We organize your treatment in Turkey from the beginning to end.


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Check-up is an operation that should be done from middle-ages at least once in a year. You can glance our pre-diagnosis and check-up services.


We organize sightseeing tours and holiday packages in Turkey alongside your treatment if you request.


Your treatment process starts from your decision to be treated in Turkey and your flight tickets are provided by our team in case of your request.


Your process starts from your decision to be treated in Turkey. You are welcomed by our assistants on the determined time.


We give translation services by our assistants in the progress of contacting with the team who treats you, transfer and accomodation.


Beginning from your decision to be treated in Turkey, your reservations are organized by our team in accordance with your prefences.